Fairview Project

Kamloops Mining District, British Columbia, Canada

Project Description

The Fairview Property is located in the Kamloops Mining Division of British Columbia approximately 22 kilometers east of the City of Cache Creek, and 45 kilometers west of the City of Kamloops. The Property comprises two mineral tenures totalling 2,574.29-hectares. The past exploration work on the property dating back to the 1940’s has identified many showings within the property boundaries, including the Fairview, P&L, Quinto, and Quinto III minfiles.

The property is located within the Central Volcanic Facies of the Nicola Group, a narrow belt of alkaline volcanic and subvolcanic intrusive rocks, which are host to numerous alkalic porphyry deposits including both the Copper Mountain Mine to the south and the Iron Mask Batholith (Afton, Ajax) to the east.1 The claims are situated near the northern extent of the highly fertile Guichon Creek Batholith (Jurassic age quartz diorite, diorite), which is causative intrusion for the Highland Valley Cu-Au and Craigmont Cu mines located to the south of the Property.1 Several small late cretaceous quartz-feldspar porphyry plugs (possibly Copper Creek Intrusions) intrude the Nicola Volcanics in the northwest portion of the claims.

The Company recently flew a 466.09-kilometer airborne magnetic survey over the property which highlighted several narrow north-south oriented magnetic low lineaments believed to represent limestone units which are coincident with historic skarn-style mineralization on the property. Additionally, three roughly concentric,1.2km x 1.4km, 2.4km x 2.2km, and 1.2km x 1km magnetic highs were identified which could be related to buried Guichon Creek Batholith intrusions at depth. Small satellite intrusive centers, or roof pendants to the Guichon Creek Batholith are known to extend at least as far north as the Fairview Property.

The main target for this property is the contact zone between buried intrusive centers and the Nicola Volcanic facies rocks, or limestone contacts with the same intrusive suite, and the magnetic products produced during the 2019 survey highlight possible zones where these contacts would exist. Additionally, rock sampling completed by the company during the2019 field season returned highly anomalous Copper and Zinc mineralization proximal to the historic Fairview min file, with results as high as 1.48% Cu, and 1.24% Cu as well as 1.78% Zn.2

Adjacent Properties1

This news release contains information about adjacent properties on which Gold Lion does not have the right to explore or mine. Investors are cautioned that mineral deposits on adjacent properties are not indicative of mineral deposits on the Company’s properties.


All samples were described, photographed and sampled by Gold Lion personnel. Samples were delivered to ALS Global’s laboratory in North Vancouver, BC for sample preparation and analysis. Samples were prepared by crushing the entire sample to 70% passing -2mm, riffle splitting off 1 kilogram and pulverizing the split to better than 85% passing 75 microns. Following preparation, the assays are first determined using the ME-MS41 method (Ultra Trace Aqua Regia ICP-MS), which reports results as parts per million (ppm). All analyses that reach the overlimits of ME-MS41 are reanalyzed with an Ore Grade method (Cu: Cu-OG46, Zn: Zn-OG46). The analytical results are verified with the application of industry standard Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA-QC) procedures.


Figure 1 – Property Geology

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Figure 2 – 2019 Magnetic Results

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Property Location

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Regional Geology

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Property Geology

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Rock Sample Results

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Residual Magnetic Intensity

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1st Vertical Derivative

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